Book cover of Seven Sisters by Monty Larkin

Seven Sisters – The History Behind the View

This is a captivating local history of one of England’s ‘jewels in the crown,’ – the Seven Sisters and Cuckmere valley area, situated in the South Downs. What is revealed by this work will fascinate local people, visitors and students of the locality alike. Above all, it is an accurate source of detailed knowledge. It is a record of life and times within a classic piece of the English Landscape.

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Monty Larkin with a ponyI hope that what is available on these webpages will be of interest to those who: i) are country-loving people; ii) wish to purchase my books or services, and iii) be of interest to those with concerns for the well-being for planet Earth. I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy and possibly make the odd interesting discovery…  Concerning environment and sustainability: “There is no big fix.  All I can say is it involves everything we do, for ever.  How much energy you use in your car, where the wood comes from in the furniture in your house.  In the end it’s a kind of morality, a conservation morality that is required.”  David Attenborough, speaking in November 2000. Though brought up in a small town, I was never more than twenty minutes walk from the rolling acres of the South Downs. The Cuckmere valley, where that silken thread of a river is cradled within those soft chalk uplands, I’ve known virtually all my life. My earliest memories being of family picnics… View of the Sussex Countryside


I was both the founder and Grazing Co-ordinator (until 2015) of the Sussex Pony Grazing & Conservation Trust. The Trust carries out conservation grazing with its 80-odd ‘free-living’ ponies in the South Downs National Park, Ashdown Forest area and several lowland heath areas, helping to conserve chalk grassland and heathland landscapes together with their rich flora and fauna which depend upon routine grazing…

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