Some Opinions On The Future

I came across these three posted comments regarding an environmental story on the BBC News website which, probably capture the attitude and the route that civilisation (and much of world) is upon:

There is no waste bin on planet earth. It’s a closed system. We can’t throw things away – all we can do is move them around. Putting things out of sight means nothing to the rest of nature. Every gram of toxic chemical that’s manufactured has got to go somewhere. ‘Chuck it overboard’ was the attitude of sailors in more innocent days. Now innocence has gone. Adult responsibility is demanded.

Offer the governments of the world the choice between GDP growth of 5% or, a sustainable clean-up of the planet and they’d choose the former every time. Long-term planning doesn’t come into it anymore (if it ever did!). One day, perhaps not even that far away, the chickens will come home to roost. It’s hard to say but we, the human race, deserve everything that is coming our way.

For once, it would be nice if the governments of the world would take heed of scientific evidence about the environment and do something about the mess rather than letting business’ desire for greater profits be what drives our green policies.



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