Passing Sailing Ship

While having lunch, I spotted a largish sailing ship on the horizon sailing west down Channel.  On checking my shipping app, it turns out to be the Russian sail training ship, STS Nadezhda, on passage to Port Said in Egypt with an ETA of May 17th.  She was built in 1991, with a length of 109 metres and a gross tonnage of 2,297.

A Russian website states that she is a single-hull, three-mast, three-deckhouse ship with steel masts and yards. The ship is full-rigged, that is of frigate type. The sails amount to the number of 26, of which 14 are square sails, 12 are fore and aft sails and the sails total area is about 3,000 sq.m. The rigging and sails are operated manually.

All her sails were furled so she was presumably ‘sailing’ under her engines.

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