Stormy Daybreak at Beachy Head

After Friday night’s gale, I was down at the coast at daybreak on Christmas Eve, checking the fences of Sussex Pony Grazing’s three herds of ponies between Birling Gap and Eastbourne. Took this pic of a stormy daybreak with its washed-out, pastel colours.

2 thoughts on “Stormy Daybreak at Beachy Head

  1. Hello Monty, it must be 24 years since I left Beachy Head – here I am searching for information re the selling off of the Downs and I find your excellent blog. Not only that you are carrying on the conservation grazing, be great to hear from you.

    • Hello Alan!!

      Great to hear from you! Gosh where to start on catching-up on 2+ decades. Just to say that the sale of downland at Eastbourne was thrown out after quite a prominent public campaign. I haven’t done much on the blogging front this year as you are probably aware, I only picking up on it today. If you want to have a chat one evening, e-mail me ( your landline number and we’ll catch-up.

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