Week Ending Saturday, June 20th

Wednesday.  We removed the three ponies from Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Chailey Warren reserve, one of which was returned to the herd grazing across Chailey Common, bringing the number there up to 20 ponies.  (Recently, we obtained another 5 ponies from Suffolk for Chailey).  Pic below was taken immediately after it was re-introduced back into the herd – the scene resembled the Serengeti !P1020104

Friday.  Site meeting to discuss which areas to pony graze on Eastbourne’s coastal downland, the ponies being due to return in late autumn.  Eastbourne Borough Council recently approved their new Downland Management Plan in which, pony grazing is now an important element.

Saturday.  Went and watched the new film ‘Mr. Holmes’ based on the idea of an elderly, retired Sherlock Holmes played by Ian McKellen.  Set during 1947 in East Sussex with Cuckmere Haven, Seven Sisters, Winchelsea and Pett Levels used as locations.  I didn’t know there was a railway station at Cuckmere Haven!

Mr. Holmes - viewed 27 seconds ago


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