Rural History Research.

Having worked both in and for the countryside for most of my life, I've amassed a great deal of knowledge on landscape, wildlife and farming and would be keen to continue to put that knowledge to any good cause.  Please contact me if you consider I can be of assistance in writing or researching for you or your cause.


 llustrated Talks.

For many years I quite often presented illustrated talks on various subjects. I have now cut back on this line of work but do try me and see if I'm available...  As you will have seen from the following list, I have presented on a number of subjects; I have a significant collection of both old and more recent images on various aspects of the eastern South Downs area.

  • South Downs   (history, natural history, farming, geology).
  • Seven Sisters and the Cuckmere Valley   (history, natural history, farming).
  • Seven Sisters Country Park   (its history; I possess enough info/images to carry out separate talks either in same season or a year apart).
  • Southdown Sheep   (history, farming, natural history).
  • Bishopstone Tidemills   (historic industrial complex near Newhaven).
  • Sussex Pony Grazing & Conservation Trust   (managing ponies for wildlife conservation, natural history, farming).
  • Ethiopian Highlands   (life and landscape of the northern highlands, 2008-9).

Feel free to enquire further by initially contacting me by e-mail at



windship of the eary 20th century

What I Can Offer:

Local and Rural History Research.  I may well be able to help you in this respect.  Each enquiry if taken on, would be individually tailored to the request of the client.

Illustrated Talks.  These can last for 45 to 60 minutes depending on what the client requires. Talks are carried out using a laptop using a PowerPoint presentation format. For best results a large screen - as many venues now possess, is by far the best.   Please note that I do not now possess a projector.


Contact Monty for more details.

A selection of images from Monty’s illustrated talks:

Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks Illustrated Talks

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